Saturday, December 15, 2012

New videos...Service & Antigua

Sorry if some of the videos too hard to see, too fast, etc. I've been off my game for a minute.

New photos!

Sorry I've been slow in uploading photos & videos. I had to give back the Iphone cord to the brother who let me borrow it. 

So I had him bring it to the hall, and I just had to upload them in the lot and give him the cord back. 

So the posts may come a little slower than before, but nothing drastic.

Ever seen a goat on a leash?

This looks just like what we see in the Dec Watchtower on page 16, right?

Talking about why we need a global government, there's a photo in the magazine of a poverty-stricken neighborhood.

Here, the metal sheets are people's "front door". Yes, those are front doors.

Still think you're poor?

No idea why I took a photo of these chairs...

Just an abstract photo of the colors, chair positions, etc.

Spanish Grammar 101.

On Antigua, the hall where I slept for 2 days. There's a apt upstairs. 

Softest bed I've ever slept in...LOVED IT.

Jalyn not wanting to share mommy's song book with Jessica.

Who knows what this girl was thinking about...

Friday, November 30, 2012

When Satan throws you a lemon...

So we're driving the car on Sun (25th of Nov), and the car begins to run really hot. 

Candace is like, "something smells burnt".

So we pull up at the hall, because now it's getting scary, as we're hearing this really fast KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK noise. 

Almost as soon as we get the car in the lot, it shuts off, and won't crank back up. 

So I'm like, "give me a stinkin break man!!!!! First the water, now this??? This sister's gonna kill us!!".

So while the meeting is going on, I get out to push it into the shade with no results from that. I just pretty much got overheated and slipped in the dirt a lot because the car wouldn't move (yes, it was in neutral...after Candace realized she needed to take her foot off the brake, lol).

So we had a study at 11, and this is a person that we recently located, and has much interest. So we're like, so how are we gonna get to her?

That's how...

Satan thought he was slick, trying to give us a reason to miss Lucrecia's study... Uh, no sir.

I even got a chance to take a photo of the hall sign on the way.

So we did the study, came back to the hall, and David Torres and I looked at it. We realized that the radiator was leaking water somewhere, so there was pretty much ZERO water in it. 

So to drive, I'd have to fill it up, drive...repeat when I need to go somewhere else.

The next day, I take it to a mechanic, Hanley, who's studying. Turns out I need to fix the leak, replace the battery terminal, AND change the oil. Btw...there's less than 2 quarts of oil in the reservoir...

The car needed 5.  There were TWO. 

Hanley says, "how has it been going this long". 

In my head: "Jehovah". 

I think about Kevin & Lea Hay's white Toyota Camry that they drove back home. Man that thing ran on holy ain't gonna tell me it didn't.

So with everything that we have to fix, I immediately pray to Jehovah (actually I did that before I took it to Hanley), "Jehovah, you know our situation, and that we have nothing, please let us get this fixed because we really need this car".

So I'm thinking the job will cost at least $70/80...guess how much Hanley charges?



huh? wha? how? 

"Thanks Jehovah, you did it again." 

Cuz I didn't have enough money to even buy a pair of khakis...that's not a figure of speech btw...I really didn't.

So funny...I've been around the truth all my life, but it takes me coming to St. Kitts to really understand what Jesus meant when he said "STOP BEING ANXIOUS".


To know that Jehovah's got your back.

So when that loser Satan throws you a lemon...

Drink up!


Jehovah's Organization -- N.O. Comparison

You know, it's so funny when a person tries to make fun of you and it turns out they're really the idiot.

Have you ever had that happen?

Imagine being in middle school and someone laughing about your clothes and haircut, only to find out in front of everyone that you're really reeeaaally rich?


How dumb would they feel??  :-o

I thought of this from what we experienced today. You know how ppl laugh at Jehovah's ppl for supposedly not being able to do this, this, and that? They say we're so "boring" and have no friends?

Little do they know that we have millions and millions of friends...literally.

We experienced that again today when we were out in service.

We first ran across William and Maria, with whom we were about to leave a tract. They had just come off the cruise ship (the ships come almost everyday). Well before we left it, they were giving us this weird "look", and it turned out that they were studying already in Miami.

They were one of those couples that you click with easily. He reminded me very much of T.L. Stewart, and she kinda reminded me of Patria Mercado, not physically, but personality-wise.

So we're talking about how wonderful Jehovah's organization is, and he's telling me about the things he's struggling with, but when we're done talking he's much more motivated to go back home and get on top of his study; he's a supervisor that's apparently had some success at his job.

We talk about how happy Jehovah's ppl are, although simple, and how we have brothers everywhere. He says, "I want a piece of that! Mari and I have to go back with a new focus."

Well, they're gonna be late for their scuba diving excursion, so we walk back with them to the ship, Mari carrying Jalyn behind us (yes, that's how cool they were for us to allow that); they have 3 little girls.

On the way to the ship, a mob of ppl stop us and shout, "HERMANOS! ("brothers" in Spanish)".

Some of the brothers were Italian but were serving where the need is great in Costa Rica, some were serving in Canada, and the other brothers were serving in Honduras.

The brothers from Honduras were asking me to come help them there...funny

There are about 8 or 9 brothers that surround us and are hugging us like crazy, and the corner where we are gets really L.O.U.D. with the laughs and talking.

Ppl are walking past us looking like, "what in the world??"

As all of the hugging  and loving chaos is going on, I read William's face like a book... this is even more confirmation for him than he even needed. He left us motivated, and then he ran into this.

We'll see what happens.

One blessing of being close to a cruise ship is that we get to see brothers from so many parts of the world without spending a dime. Question is, will we understand them?

Doesn't matter, we all serve Jehovah...and that instant bond that Jehovah's ppl have is something that no one understands, unless you serve him.

With the cruise ship docked, having tracts in my shirt pocket are an instant magnet for brothers when walking around.

It's a beautiful thing...

William is the African-American guy and his wife, Mari, has the white sun visor on. Oh yeah, Mari speaks Spanish, she's from Miami, but with Peruvian decent.

Not all of the brothers are in the photo, many were taking photos with their own cameras. I wish we could have gotten everyone in the photo somehow.

Everyone else in the photo are Italian from what I understood. I'm only 80% sure that the sister above Candace and her husband (in blue shirt) are Italian. They are the ones serving in Canada.

And this is the photo that Jalyn took (kneeling like a pro)...

Here's a quick video taken shortly after running into them.

Hello Everyone! This is Candace writing. I have been asked by a few of you guys for my opinion on our whole experience, so I decided to put in my "two cents" on the blog from now on. :) 

I have to say that each time we meet the brothers I always enjoy it and I always feel so proud to be a part of Jehovah's organization. There is absolutely NO other religion on earth that is as united as we are. Actually a bible student was just telling us that when he was a part of another religion (won't say which one :), that he could always feel like there was a dividing line between people because of race or whatever. But he didn't feel that way in Jehovah's organization.

Another reason I really enjoyed this today was because lately I have been feeling a little homesick, but to experience this today gave me a little "booster shot" so to speak. Jehovah knows what we need, and exactly when we need it. I think one of the best pieces of advice that I was given before we came, was to "MAKE FRIENDS FAST". That advice was like a gem because when you are with your brothers and are actually putting forth the effort to get to know them, it REALLY eases the homesickness.

Friday, November 16, 2012


About to get that hair washed...

She's smiling now...she acted a nut the whole time she got it washed.

(not from me)

Service on Nov 16th

Just a few spontaneous videos I did today in service. let's see how Jesus did that...

Matt 14: 17-22

Ever split this much chicken between 3 people?

Just makes what Jesus did (with Jehovah's help) even more amazing. 

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Just Something Funny...

So, Candace, Jalyn, and I were doing our Family Worship tonight, and after doing Jalyn's section in the "Listen to God" brochure, Candace and I studied something for ourselves off the site:

Since we involved Jalyn, I asked her about the highlighted question from the subheading below.

Why Work to Resolve Problems?

Researchers have found that the most reliable indicator of how happy a marriage will be is not how often the couple say that they love each other. Sexual compatibility and financial security are not the most important factors either. Instead, the most dependable indicator of marital success is how well husband and wife manage any conflicts that arise.
In addition, Jesus said that when a couple marry, it is not man but God who yokes them together. (Matthew 19:4-6) Therefore, a good marriage honors God. On the other hand, if a husband fails to show love and consideration for his wife, Jehovah God may ignore the man’s prayers. (1 Peter 3:7) If a wife does not respect her husband, she is really disrespecting Jehovah, who appointed the husband as head of the family.​—1 Corinthians 11:3.

So let's see if Jalyn was paying attention...

Me: "So, Jalyn...if daddy treats mommy really bad, what will Jehovah do?
Jalyn: "He'll kill you..."
Jalyn (slowly): "I mean, he'll destroy you..."

I like how she tried to "correct" herself and make it sound nicer by slowly using the word "destroy".

Goin Fishin

Few more photos from today--Nov 13

Cruise ship we saw while out in service. 

We see these everyday now. I'm wondering if Candace and I can finally get to go on a cruise, since now we don't have to travel to the departure port.

I mean, we're literally 5 minutes away from this cruise port!

So, we'll see.

Man on the street grilling lobster. 

Man, if I was homeless and weren't a servant of Jehovah, I would've jumped out the car and grabbed a few of these suckas off the grill and bailed.

I have the Bible Highlights on Amos this week, chapters 1-9.

I kept falling asleep while preparing the part, so I got up to make some tea. I put basil and tarragon in boiling water and mixed in cane sugar and natural honey. Got the basil and tarragon from a sister's garden.

I'm assuming the basil mixed with tarragon has some kinda benefit...

maybe as an aphrodisiac...

or a laxative

just drank it...kinda late to look it up now.

Sunday, November 11, 2012

On a Study

Studying with Shakeim in the country

Clearer view... his cousin took these 2 separate photos that I merged.

His cat...that watched us while we studied

Here's video that his cousin shot:

In case you've only seen Jalyn's serious side

This is an old video that we took before we moved from the States.

Excuse the mess in the background.

We went from living in a house to a room, plus this was the few weeks right before the move, so clothes and luggage were EVERYWHERE!

Just focus on our "rug-cuttin"...

At Golden Rock restaurant w/ David & Priscilla

Very quick video that I forgot to post.

Few photos I forgot to post

When we first got here...

My part of the deal...

Beautiful flower that I found out in service.

See how the edges have that groove??

So pretty. Ah!! And it smells like France...if France had a smell.

More bananas that a sister gave us.

The same sister gave us some Terragon herb to cook with. 

I have no idea what to do with this...any ideas? 

Email me. 

More basil from the same sister.

And rosemary

She also gave us some coconut dumplings

These are corn meal cakes that she gave us.
I simply heated the olive oil in the skillet to a light smoke and seared the mess outta them.

Gave em a nice golden crust.

My Lil Richie impression (SHUT UP!!)

Jalyn asked to "do my hair" while I was trying to study. 

This is the finished product. She seems proud.

I'm faking case you didn't notice.

Thursday, November 8, 2012

Few more photos

What we saw as we were on boat heading to Nevis. Photos are one's unbelievable in person.

Jehovah is such an artist. 

I already told him, "ok, Jehovah, please remember my work and efforts to serve you, and when you repay me (which you don't have to do), you can do it by giving me a house on a mountain overlooking the water...oh, and I'd like a yacht...and a sailboat."

I seriously said that.

I'm sure Jehovah "wrote" it down, or at least made a mental note of it.

Ok, so I've heard of "deer crossing"...but, um....

Strangely beautiful tree that we saw leaving the Golden Rock restaurant.

Where we're living now...

Stop Being Anxious

One thing that I can say about being on this island is, whether we're here for a year, or because of financial difficulties, have to return, we are learning qualities that we never would have had to learn in Memphis.

This email will be a little detailed.

I normally wouldn't go so much into detail about this, but I think that it will serve a purpose. It will serve to show you that "not on bread alone does man live"...

So back home, I, of course, worked at St. Francis hospital. I simply sat in my office, and interpreted Spanish for pregnant mothers, which rarely took much effort. True, there were many many insanely busy days, but for the most part the job was very easy.

That job paid $18/hr.

Needless to say, Candace and I could buy a lot of nice stuff. We didn't, but we could me, we calculated ahead of time what we could've done.

This does have an application, don't patient.

Here, we have nothing...but "sustenance and covering". For the first time in my life, savings are something that don't exist. There are 3 of us...we are in another's scary at times.

Well here comes Jehovah. Be patient.

So I told you about the job on Nevis, right? Well, we get ready for the trip, and we see bad news. Our rent money from back home posts on a Sunday, and the mortgage is to come out the next day.

So this overdrafts our account by $313.

Imagine logging in to your bank and seeing this:

Checking: -$313 (yeah, it was red. Made it scarier)
Savings: $ .97  (yes, that's 97 cents)

I freaked...kinda.

So I'm like, "psshh...I'm goin on this job. Now, the rooms are taken care of, but don't ask how we're gonna eat. Looks like we're gonna be eating like ghetto Israelites again, Jalyn!"

So we get to the hotel, and Donna, the receptionist, takes us to our rooms.

Here's ours (yes...the WHOLE thing):

And here's David and Priscilla's

So of course, we're super excited about the rooms, which you'll see on the videos.
But things that are nice are always better when they're free, right? Much.

It's early in the morning...and we're starving. Candace asks, "so what do you wanna do for breakfast?"

Me: "no idea".

We have no money.

So we get ready to eat breakfast, and I ask Richie, "hey, I'd like to get a photo of the food, so should I wait until someone orders and then get it?

In my mind I have no idea how that is gonna happen, because there were a total of like 9 guests at the plantation. 

He says, "no problem, just's on me".
Me thinking: "hmmmmm...I think Jehovah's repeating the first class airplane thingie"...

Oh, this is what we had:

Needless to say, Jalyn was pleased.

Oh, Richie also gave us free drinks and pizza.

Us at bar with Richie

Rum punch with grated nutmeg

Richie preparing oven baked pizza

This was breakfast from this morning...our last day at the hotel. Also free.

We also ate at this restaurant that was on Food Network's "The Best thing I ever Ate". 

It's called Golden Rock Cafe, and they had this Goat cheese burger with caramelized onions that was to die for!!!

Oh, and here's inside our room at the Hermitage...

So let me tell you the craziest part about this...

Remember when I mentioned my job at St. Francis? Well even with such a well paying job, we couldn't have afforded to come here.

So now, it's worse! Not only is my checking account negative, but I have less than a dollar in my savings account, but yet, Jehovah takes me on a trip??!!!  FOR FREE???

The only things we paid for were the ferry to Nevis (like $40 for the 3 of us--roundtrip), and the burgers ($12).

EVERYTHING ELSE (food at Hermitage, drinks, breakfast, lunch, dinner) was included. David knows a lot about scotch, and he said that some of the bottles of scotch that we had were $40 on their own.

Each plate of food on the menu was like $15US or more. 

So this is the thing...if Richie had offered me money, how much would I have charged him?

Well when you count both days of shooting, I shot photos for about 3 hrs total...3 hours.

Well for only 3 hours, I wouldn't have charged him more than $700. I mean it's such an easy job, and I don't wanna try to get paid what I'd get back home.

Ok...but what did I end up getting?

Well, I'm thinking that when we arrive...actually I "know" that when we arrive, Richie is gonna put us in his cheapest rooms, the Garden rooms, which would've been $180 per night as you see below in blue. Wouldn't most hotels put you in their cheapest room? Come on now.

Richie puts us in the Luxury Cottages...look at the price (in gold).

Rates per nightApr 15 - Aug 31Sept 1 - Dec 14Dec 15 - Apr 14
Garden $150$180 $255
Luxury Cottages$340$365$555
The Yellow Manor House$835$835$835

So for 2 nights, that's $730. But we had 2 rooms.


Plus least $150

Plus drinks...about $350 (includes a NICE bottle of wine)


I got a $2000 trip for doing work that took 3 hours...and was able to take friends.

Candace and I had NOTHING...and Jehovah still took care of us..


I have a family of 3...and have nothing. Yet, Jehovah gives us what we need for THAT day.

Is it always what we like?  Hmmm...what's the JW way to say "no" very forcefully?

This is my point, there's a unique kind of faith that we're gonna need to get through the Great Tribulation. We can have NO doubts that Jehovah will take care of us.

I did NOT have that kind of faith in Memphis. Did I have faith, of course. But I had never been down to $0 with a family of 3 either. 

This is training for us to STOP BEING ANXIOUS.

This is training...

1 Pet 5:10

When the Great Trib breaks out, those that are just "getting by" in their worship to Jehovah will have a very very tough time...

With Jehovah's help and traning...we plan to be ready.

btw...if you wanna see like 10% of the photos I did for Richie, click below

99% of these are unedited.