Saturday, December 15, 2012

New videos...Service & Antigua

Sorry if some of the videos too hard to see, too fast, etc. I've been off my game for a minute.

New photos!

Sorry I've been slow in uploading photos & videos. I had to give back the Iphone cord to the brother who let me borrow it. 

So I had him bring it to the hall, and I just had to upload them in the lot and give him the cord back. 

So the posts may come a little slower than before, but nothing drastic.

Ever seen a goat on a leash?

This looks just like what we see in the Dec Watchtower on page 16, right?

Talking about why we need a global government, there's a photo in the magazine of a poverty-stricken neighborhood.

Here, the metal sheets are people's "front door". Yes, those are front doors.

Still think you're poor?

No idea why I took a photo of these chairs...

Just an abstract photo of the colors, chair positions, etc.

Spanish Grammar 101.

On Antigua, the hall where I slept for 2 days. There's a apt upstairs. 

Softest bed I've ever slept in...LOVED IT.

Jalyn not wanting to share mommy's song book with Jessica.

Who knows what this girl was thinking about...