Saturday, March 23, 2013


I love watching Food Network's "Chopped"

We watch it religiously here on the island.

So today, I had some of the leftover goat cheese from last night's dinner with David and Priscilla and decided to make a dessert with it.

You've seen how many goats we have here roaming the streets.

So I mixed the cheese with fresh guava juice and brown sugar.

I then hollowed out some pears, and boiled them in water, sugar, a raw cinnamon stick, and some fresh guavas.

Lastly, baked them in their own juice and stuffed them with the goat cheese.

We had them with this amazing ice cream on the side.

It was gerd ("good" in my Madea voice)...

New Videos


Friday, March 22, 2013

Latest Photos (March 22nd)

Loved this view of the stratus clouds from our apt...

Yes...bad quality. I zoomed on the Iphone, but it became very very noisy (photographer's term for "grainy").

This was it during the daytime. We were out today (Mar 22--10:30am) doing a census-type work looking for hispanics to invite to the Memorial.

We're finally eating lobster!!!!!!!
We've got to be at David and Priscilla's house today at 630pm, because we gonna get our grub on.

Ahhh!!! We SOOO appreciate these kinda meals now.

Also, you know how back home, one lobster dinner would be $35 US?

Well here, David and I got ELEVEN lobsters for $51US.


That's $4.63 per lobster. Wow.

A few appetizers we had at David's house before eating. I feel poor...taking photos of this stuff. 


Nice wine from Italy that we had...really nice!

Jalyn...ready to eat dinner

Out of the 2 pugs that David and Priscilla have, "Chloe and Zoe", this is Zoe.

I recognize her by the white hair on her face.

Yes...I have nothing better to do.

Steak, 3 lobsters (2 on plate, went back for a third), & red mashed potatoes, smothered in a whisky mushroom sauce.  Mmmmmmmmm....(homer simpson voice)

 Begging for my food.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

I hate monkeys

I know that sounds cruel...but these monkeys are evil.


Before you continue, some people may consider this post to be a little...hmmm...gross.

If so, turn back now. Ok, you've been warned.

Now, the brothers here already warned us about the monkeys here, that they can be very vengeful. For instance, if you see one and throw something at it, it will pick it back up and throw it back at you.

They don't turn the other cheek.

So I woke up one day, came into the kitchen to get ready to make (you guessed it) oatmeal, when I see this monkey running across the gate. 

So I scared him! 

Bad idea.

You saw the direction in which he ran, right? Well he ran towards our car. 

When we get to the car, to head out in service, guess what the monkey had done?

Scroll down...

Yes...that is exactly what you think it is...




I had about 8 local brothers confirm that this was what I feared it was, and when they saw it, they almost died. But they kindly helped me get it off.

I won't mess with them again.

EVIL...pure evil

The worker deserves his wages

So I'm in the store the other day with a liiiiittttle bit of money.
We need food, paper towels, soap, etc. Candace has been having a major case of STS (sweet tooth syndrome) also, but of course, we can't afford that stuff.

So after I get done getting the majority of the needed stuff, I have only a little money left (like $60EC or $22US), but that has to go in the gas tank.

So I'm like, "aggghhh, I can't even get any chicken".


So I didn't pray about it, cuz, I mean, who prays for chicken

Jehovah would probably look at Jesus like, "ok, so, you won't believe what he just prayed to me about..."

So that night at the meeting, a sister says, "I need to talk to you all".

So we get outside and she gives us 2 big bags...

What's inside?

Scroll down...

A writing tablet for Jalyn, which Candace had been looking for. The sister has no idea we need one of these, btw.

This was soooooo good on meat.

Oh, btw...

THREE bags of chicken. I didn't have enough money for one

Jehovah gave us 3.

The sis also made this juice that was soooooo good.

I was reading Luke 10:7 for my Bible reading the other day:

. 7 So stay in that house, eating and drinking the things they provide, for the worker is worthy of his wages

Know what this scripture means?

Here's what the Insight book under "Wages" says (so cool):

The hospitality and material assistance extended to those exclusively devoting themselves to the interests of pure worship may be referred to as wages due them, according to the principle: “The worker is worthy of his wages.” (Lu 10:7; 1Ti 5:17, 18) 

So when we pioneer, serve as C.O.s, needgreaters, missionaries, etc, Jehovah knows that we have sacrificed many things, if not all things, for the Kingdom. So although we honestly don't deserve anything, when nice things are done/give to a person who is serving Jehovah full time, Jehovah looks at those kind acts as "wages due".

Wow...Jehovah is amazing.

Working for Jehovah is the most liberating thing that can ever be done. 

Oh, btw...want to know where we're thinking of serving next? 

Hint: April Watchtower (study edition)

The need there is RIDICULOUS.

It's still in the air, but we're about 90% sure as of right now.

New Photos

You've heard of Noni juice, right?

Well, here's the fruit. 
A sister named Avril pulled one off of a tree the other day in service.

I'm really wondering if I can bring summa this stuff back and plant it. 

Wonder if the weather will kill it.

Went out in service and walked in this lady's backyard to grab some.

I eat the seeds too.

Where some ppl play soccer. Mountain in background is waaaay bigger than in this photo.

Right before we walked into Gloria's house across the street.

Love these colors.

At Gloria's house about to study. Playing with Ester.

Wonder if Jalyn will remember this stuff.

Trying to "gourmet up" our oatmeal breakfast.

Milk, fresh mango (like, directly from the tree), and peanut butter.

Hey, it works when you're hungry.

Jalyn being an old lady.

I have officially started calling her "Cora Lee" when she starts acting old.

I made breakfast!

Man, you can get so inventive with the stuff you have in your fridge.

Wanna buy some pizza?
(you'd divide this by 2.7 to get the US dollar price)

Oso and Baby
(at the meeting)

Rev. Woody Wright
(according to Jalyn)

Jalyn posing for photo at zone visit

Jalyn's hair is growing
(4 years old)

Beautiful view that we have when we get out of the car

How we get to our apt...walk down the side close to the gate, and we're there!

This is the gate the monkeys are always running up. 

Our view at night 

(when we get back from Thurs meeting)

This is one of the craziest signs I've ever seen.

Close up

At Carmen + Enrique's house. Enrique is in blue shirt. This is where we stayed when we first arrived on island. Felt strange and reminiscent when we went back over.

Mylene is the one with the blue cup...who knows what in it. She's one of the special pioneers; her husband, Irving is across from her (can't see him).

Again...sorry for the delay (demora)

Hey, guys!

I just received a new cord to be able to upload all of our backed-up photos and videos, so excuse the delay.

Here's a link to our new videos:


Sunday, February 17, 2013

Internet down

Just in case anyone tries to contact us, either on Skype or MagicJack, the family that has the internet on is going to be in Trinidad for 2 months during the school for couples.

So we'll be trying to get internet this week. So stay tuned!

Btw...our st.kitts number is:

869-765-1483  me

869-765-0434  candace

Wednesday, February 6, 2013

You've got some catching up to do...

Here are our latest videos that, for the most part, catch you up.

He did it again...

Job 42:5 isn't my favorite scripture for nothing...

Candace and I say all the time that we're glad we came to St. Kitts in the manner that we did.

Of course, we don't advocate going to serve in a place without visiting first, but Jehovah knows that if we had visited St. Kitts first, we very likely wouldn't have returned, primarily because of the expenses.

However, not having much has allowed us to see Jehovah's hand in a marvelous way, a way that we wouldn't have seen had we had a lot of money.

Some of the brothers on this island have laughed a lot at the things Jehovah has done for us like, "man, how is Jehovah doing that for yall???" We'll then get to talking about something that we'd like to happen or see; for example, say someone said, "man I wish there was Wal-mart here", they'll say, "just have Candace and Jason ask Jehovah for it..."

To illustrate the point, let's rewind to the last few months...

The car we've been driving has been giving us a bit of trouble; the engine keeps running hot. The mechanics here are T.E.R.R.I.B.L.E., I mean, to the point that Jalyn could probably do a better job (I am SOOOOOOO serious).

So after spending money that we didn't have to fix a hose leak, the car is still running hot. So I go buy engine coolant to replace the water (yes...water) that these mechanics have been putting in the radiator.

That doesn't work still runs hot.

Then I notice that neither the engine fan nor the radiator fan turn on when the car runs...ah ha!!! .

I let out a deep sigh, and prepare to go to the mechanic for the 9th time in the last 30 days (ah man...they suck so bad here)...

He tells me "tun deh cah ahn"...I guess that was "turn the car on".

Ok, I turn it on...

"Leave it runnin", he says...

I leave it running for 5 minutes, just watching money dripping out of the gas tank. "Where is he??"

I go look for him, and he's in the office sitting down, hanging with the receptionist. *sigh*  "fight the anger and bad thoughts in your head, Jay..."

He sees me, comes "works" on the car, and says, "I can't figga it out, we need to call meh boss"...

His boss comes and can't figure it out either. *sigh*   "fight the anger and bad thoughts in your head, Jay..."

So the boss sends me down the road to this Indian guy named Neil. *sigh*

Here's the fun part...

So at this point, on Tue, Feb 5, we have $9.50 to our name, and I pray to Jehovah, "Jehovah, you know we don't have any money, please let us get this fixed."

You know what I do next, what I literally do next? As I'm waiting in the car for Neil to see me, thinking about what I just asked Jehovah, I stare at the big, green, cloud-covered mountain that's about 2 miles away, and guess what I imagined happening?

Matthew 21:21

I used my imagination to "see" it happening.

So guess what happens next?

First, Neil fixes the problem that's been lingering for over 4 months... YAY!!!! it comes...There's an awkward silence for about 5 to 6 seconds.

We're both staring at the hood...silent.

I'm thinking, "oh man, he's waiting for me to hand him some money", but I'm waiting on him to tell me how much.

He says..."ok, just close the hood and you're good to go..."

In my head: "wait...excuse me?"

He fixes it for free.

I'm screamin in my head, "MAN, JEHOVAH, YOU ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

Then I hurried up and drove off before dude changed his mind.

Would I have prayed that to Jehovah had we had the money? Probably not...

When the slave says, "use trials to see Jehovah's hand",'s no joke.

If you don't put yourself out there, you'll never know.

As a good friend put it (you know who you are), "it's ok to be scared"...

I think leaving your job, house, country, congregation, "securities", etc, and experiencing Jehovah's hand elsewhere is like going on a roller coaster...

You're excited, excited, excited, and then you get to the top, and you look down and you're like, "no no no no no no OH NO...NO...AHHHHHHH!!!!!!",

and you drop...

But when it's over, you catch your breath, and you're like, "DUDE, THAT WAS SO STINKIN AWESOME!!!!!   LET'S GO AGAIN!!!"

It's ok to be scared, but once you just shut up and trust Jehovah, man...

You won't regret it.

Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sorry it's taken so long!!!!!! Perdonen la demora!

There must be someone to blame...

The thing is, there's an iphone cord to usb that I need in order to upload my posts, right?

Well, the elder that's been letting me use his cord ended up needing it, since it also acts as a charger, so anyways, I haven't had it.

So to avoid a super-long post of backed-up stories, I'll just fast forward and post the photos...

The videos are coming later.

So we went to a sister's job who let us swim, eat, and just all around pig out.

Candace participated first.

On our way to the beach...hmmmm, look at that view. 

This is actually my main screen image on my phone now.

Jalyn's service hat...that she "borrowed" from Candace.

Jalyn putting on "earrings" during the meeting.

For our first restaurant night out, Candace, Jalyn, and I went to this so called "great" Indian restaurant called "Bombay Blues" (look it up on Tripadvisor), and we get there late. 

So we ask, "what's the favorite?". It was this garbage. When the waitress brought it out, and said "enjoy", Candace and I looked at each other like, "I know she didn't", and "she betta be pranking us".

It was soooo obviously just re-heated out of a pot, and it tasted like 2 day old Alpo. 

Some of the brothers told us how crooked restaurants can be here, in that they know it's not fresh, but instead of giving you a discount, they still charge you full price.

Never...ever again.

147 days

That's how many days we've had oatmeal here. We've been here a little over 4 months, but we've only had something different for breakfast 8 times.

Yes eight.

That account about manna is taking on a brand-new meaning, it really is. I mean, after a while, you stop focusing on, "ahhhhh, I'm so tired of eating this garbage!!!!", and you start thinking, "ok, Jehovah's feeding me...Jehovah's feeding me".

We just switch it up...

Oatmeal with peanut butter
Oatmeal with papaya
Oatmeal with Yogurt
Oatmeal with raisins
Oatmeal with...endurance

How we are drying our clothes...back to old school

See how tall Jalyn's getting?