Saturday, February 2, 2013

Sorry it's taken so long!!!!!! Perdonen la demora!

There must be someone to blame...

The thing is, there's an iphone cord to usb that I need in order to upload my posts, right?

Well, the elder that's been letting me use his cord ended up needing it, since it also acts as a charger, so anyways, I haven't had it.

So to avoid a super-long post of backed-up stories, I'll just fast forward and post the photos...

The videos are coming later.

So we went to a sister's job who let us swim, eat, and just all around pig out.

Candace participated first.

On our way to the beach...hmmmm, look at that view. 

This is actually my main screen image on my phone now.

Jalyn's service hat...that she "borrowed" from Candace.

Jalyn putting on "earrings" during the meeting.

For our first restaurant night out, Candace, Jalyn, and I went to this so called "great" Indian restaurant called "Bombay Blues" (look it up on Tripadvisor), and we get there late. 

So we ask, "what's the favorite?". It was this garbage. When the waitress brought it out, and said "enjoy", Candace and I looked at each other like, "I know she didn't", and "she betta be pranking us".

It was soooo obviously just re-heated out of a pot, and it tasted like 2 day old Alpo. 

Some of the brothers told us how crooked restaurants can be here, in that they know it's not fresh, but instead of giving you a discount, they still charge you full price.

Never...ever again.

147 days

That's how many days we've had oatmeal here. We've been here a little over 4 months, but we've only had something different for breakfast 8 times.

Yes eight.

That account about manna is taking on a brand-new meaning, it really is. I mean, after a while, you stop focusing on, "ahhhhh, I'm so tired of eating this garbage!!!!", and you start thinking, "ok, Jehovah's feeding me...Jehovah's feeding me".

We just switch it up...

Oatmeal with peanut butter
Oatmeal with papaya
Oatmeal with Yogurt
Oatmeal with raisins
Oatmeal with...endurance

How we are drying our clothes...back to old school

See how tall Jalyn's getting?

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