Saturday, September 29, 2012

Belated Videos

Thanks to my good friend Kev, I found out that instead of sending you these HUGE files, I could just upload them to Youtube!!

Here's the link...

If it doesn't work...blame Kevin. :)

Friday, September 28, 2012

Clearer Blessings

Ok, so the way Jehovah has been blessing us is slowly becoming clearer.

Remember what the 4 things that I asked Jehovah for were?

1) Not have trouble getting our temp residency cards

2) Find all 3 tickets for $1600 or less

3) Find a 2-bedroom place in a safe neighborhood

4) Rent our house before Sept

Well, as you know, renting our house and the tickets worked out fine (assuming you've heard "the story").

However, the 2 bedroom place and the temp residency parts just worked out a little more clearly this week.

1) We've been living with a family that has 2 bedrooms (one for us, and one for Jalyn)...however that hasn't been the provision that Jehovah had in store. We really haven't used that second room; someone has been staying in it. So we're praying to Jehovah like, "pleeeease help us find a place", because we've been living with ppl for too long (although we're grateful, it's time to have space, you know?)

EVERYWHERE we've been looking has been about $300-400US a month (in the hood).

So a sister comes over here a few days ago and says, "I spoke to a friend that has a house and she said that since yall are here to serve, she will allow you to stay in her connected apartment."

Ok, so I'm thinking, "hmmmm, sounds kinda good...I wonder if it's in the hood."

I'm really thinking this.

So I ask, "where is it?"

She tells me it's in Bird Rock (one of the nicest and safest neighborhoods on the island--where the doctors and important ppl, such as the police commisioner, live).

You see how the blessing is getting clearer?

Ok, so I want to know how many bedrooms it has, but without asking. So I say, "well yeah, whatever Jehovah provides will be fine. Actually, we're in one room and we share a bed with Jalyn, so we'll deal with whatever provision there is."

She says, "oh no...this is 2 bedroom. And it's fully furnished".

Now, in Bird Rock, you're gonna pay at least $600-800 a month, easy.

So I'm like, "ahhh, I wonder how much it's gonna be...because I know we can't afford it".

She says, "well the sister says that you can stay there for free...just take care of your utilities".


Jehovah is somethin' serious.

2) We ask Jehovah how we're gonna get around. A sister is trying to sell her car, and tells us that we can drive it until it gets sold. It's a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant.

3) We asked Jehovah again about the temp residency cards...I got them stamped today; it was approved for 2 years. It took 2 weeks. The coordinator of the congregation said that "for that to have been approved in 2 weeks is unprecedented. And not only was it fast, but you didn't have to pay; and that should have been A LOT of money."

So if we're here a year, we can come back, work if we need to, and freely come back should we choose to. We have until Sept 30, 2014.

So things are working say the least.

I wonder what'll happen if I ask Jehovah for some Jordans, free cable, and an Iphone 5?

For Kingdom interests, of course. :)


I'm gone kill that stupid chicken

Ok, there's a chicken (or rooster...whatever) that wakes me up EVERY morning at 7am with this noise

Imagine dreaming about laying in a pot of gold, and to be ripped out of it by that sound...

I've tried twice to throw a hard orange at it while it's crowing...the first time I barely missed, and the second time he anticipated me coming and right as the orange almost hit him, he flew away.

I'll update you on my third try...I'll have Candace record it when I get em.
Or, I'll get Jalyn to catch em...

I've been havin a taste for some chicken anyway...


I'm just gonna do these in order to give the fastest update:

1) This (Sept) is the hottest time of the year...even so, it's 5 times better than Memphis weather. These brothers here complain about how hot it is, and Candace and I are looking at each other like, "dude'd DIE in Memphis".

2) The beach is...  ah, ok...I'm just gonna stop there.

3) The fruits are amazing...but they spoil VERY VERY VERY fast, because they're so natural and fresh. There are NO preservatives with the fruit and vegetables here. People pick the fruit off the trees and eat them, just like that. And no, I haven't gotten sick.

4) Monkeys and chickens are everywhere (about 2 ft tall)...they and their babies just run across the street like we'd see squirrels back home; you just have to wait in your car until they cross the road and then go (I'll create a separate post about chickens later...I hate their guts).

5) If you ever come here, bring 1) hats, hats, hats...because of the sun. It's not HOT, but the sun is just always out. 2) Mosquito spray (I promise I need to look up an article on Watchtower Library about WHY IN THE WORLD Jehovah created them. 3) Sun block (if you don't, you'll look like Wesley Snipes when you get back home)  4) WATER!!!!!!

6) In service, there are no not-at-homes, because there are no street signs, and no numbers on the houses. You just learn the neighborhood, and go back. Oh, and there is no driving up to the houses, YOU W.A.L.K. EVERYWHERE.

7) People are very receptive...some are crazy

8) I can't understand the English here at all, NOR THE SPANISH!!!! Almost all the hispanics here are Dominican, but it is not like the Spanish we here from Dominicans back me (Frankie, Zoila, Mabel, and Nena, yall could've taught me all these Dominican words ahead of time...I'm just sayin)

9) There's no a/c anywhere...don't need it, there's a constant breeze.

10) The grocery stores are INSANELY EXPENSIVE...expect to pay twice as much for anything (other than fruit, vegetables, and seafood) as you would back home.

Ok, gotta go...until later.


First of sorry that I haven't really been writing. It's been TERRIBLY BUSY!!

Here's a very quick run-thru:

As SOON as I got here (like that Monday), I was given the assignment to give the public talk on Sunday, conduct the Bible Study on the next Thursday, Candace was given the number 4 part, and I was told that I'd be responsible soon for conducting the Theocratic School.

We've been out in service about EVERY day just about (only not on Thurs...the mtg day).

This Tue was the visit of the C.O. and the D.O. (the D.O. is staying in the same house as us with his wife).

Tue--- School and Service Mtg + CO talk
Wed-- Pioneer Mtg
Thurs--- Cong Bible Study + Talk
Fri-- Elder Mtg
Sat-- Public Talk (w/o Watchtower)
Sun-- First ever Special day assembly in Spanish on the island

It's CRAZY BUSY HERE this week!!!! So all these brothers are super excited that we're about to have the first ever special assembly day. They said they NEVER thought there'd be such an assembly here for Spanish. So all these brothers from Antigua, Anguilla, Barbados, and other islands are coming to support it this weekend.

The brothers here, instead of bringing their own food to the assembly, are welcoming the brothers by preparing this HUGE meal...kinda like the assemblies in the old days back home (without the danishes....)

Homer Simpson voice:  "aggghhhhhhhh, cheese Danishes"...

So, I'll do my best to catch everyone up. The camera I bought to take all my videos got damaged; it was supposed to be "waterproof", and the FIRST day I put it in the water, it does ok for a while, and then...

So I've got to take it to the post office this week to see if I can ship it back.

Anyway, I'll send another post soon to catch yall up.


Tuesday, September 11, 2012

I don't know you...

A few days ago, we were all in Nashville preaching before leaving for St. Kitts.

I was going to a door with one of the brothers there who said something funny, but encouraging to me, regarding our decision to become needgreaters.

He says, "I don't know you...but this is the smartest thing you've ever done"...

That's funny, but true, because I've done a lot of stupid stuff. However, I can say that putting your life completely in Jehovah's hands is the best thing you can do.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Countdown...1 day and 30 mins

I can't believe we're seriously about to be on an island in a little over a day. We're in Nashville now with my in-laws enjoying these last few days, while staying at a good friend's house, but we can't help think about how close we are.

It's becoming real...

We arrive on St. Kitts on Monday; well the brothers have already scheduled me for the Public Talk for Sun! I'm like, "dude, can I get a week or somethin' to chill first??"

Not happenin...

We have simplified from a 2 bedroom/2 bathroom house to 8 suitcases. You never realize how much you can accumulate over 5 years until you have to move.

Leaving our congregation (Summer Spanish) was the hardest thing I've experienced in a long time (next to Sheyla's funeral). Wow...I wonder how I would've done if she had been here; I couldn't imagine leaving her. When we left our meeting on Tue night, we were the last to leave the parking lot;  I had to go inside, and with only part of the lights on (main auditorium dim), I just stared and looked around for about 2-3 mins.

That was tough.

I then flashed back to a lot of great memories at that hall. I then kissed my fist, and "waved" goodbye see you soon.

Summer, see you soon.

We were leaving the hall, and I was literally in the middle of the street, when it hit me that I didn't say goodbye to Will (Correa). So I had to turn around and go to their house and hug him (3x). I have no greater hope than that they stay strong in the truth; the same goes for all you brothers...please stay busy, and keep fighting.

Sorry that my thoughts and words are all over the place. It's 11:43pm, and I'm exhausted.

Until soon...