Friday, September 28, 2012


I'm just gonna do these in order to give the fastest update:

1) This (Sept) is the hottest time of the year...even so, it's 5 times better than Memphis weather. These brothers here complain about how hot it is, and Candace and I are looking at each other like, "dude'd DIE in Memphis".

2) The beach is...  ah, ok...I'm just gonna stop there.

3) The fruits are amazing...but they spoil VERY VERY VERY fast, because they're so natural and fresh. There are NO preservatives with the fruit and vegetables here. People pick the fruit off the trees and eat them, just like that. And no, I haven't gotten sick.

4) Monkeys and chickens are everywhere (about 2 ft tall)...they and their babies just run across the street like we'd see squirrels back home; you just have to wait in your car until they cross the road and then go (I'll create a separate post about chickens later...I hate their guts).

5) If you ever come here, bring 1) hats, hats, hats...because of the sun. It's not HOT, but the sun is just always out. 2) Mosquito spray (I promise I need to look up an article on Watchtower Library about WHY IN THE WORLD Jehovah created them. 3) Sun block (if you don't, you'll look like Wesley Snipes when you get back home)  4) WATER!!!!!!

6) In service, there are no not-at-homes, because there are no street signs, and no numbers on the houses. You just learn the neighborhood, and go back. Oh, and there is no driving up to the houses, YOU W.A.L.K. EVERYWHERE.

7) People are very receptive...some are crazy

8) I can't understand the English here at all, NOR THE SPANISH!!!! Almost all the hispanics here are Dominican, but it is not like the Spanish we here from Dominicans back me (Frankie, Zoila, Mabel, and Nena, yall could've taught me all these Dominican words ahead of time...I'm just sayin)

9) There's no a/c anywhere...don't need it, there's a constant breeze.

10) The grocery stores are INSANELY EXPENSIVE...expect to pay twice as much for anything (other than fruit, vegetables, and seafood) as you would back home.

Ok, gotta go...until later.

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