Friday, September 28, 2012


First of sorry that I haven't really been writing. It's been TERRIBLY BUSY!!

Here's a very quick run-thru:

As SOON as I got here (like that Monday), I was given the assignment to give the public talk on Sunday, conduct the Bible Study on the next Thursday, Candace was given the number 4 part, and I was told that I'd be responsible soon for conducting the Theocratic School.

We've been out in service about EVERY day just about (only not on Thurs...the mtg day).

This Tue was the visit of the C.O. and the D.O. (the D.O. is staying in the same house as us with his wife).

Tue--- School and Service Mtg + CO talk
Wed-- Pioneer Mtg
Thurs--- Cong Bible Study + Talk
Fri-- Elder Mtg
Sat-- Public Talk (w/o Watchtower)
Sun-- First ever Special day assembly in Spanish on the island

It's CRAZY BUSY HERE this week!!!! So all these brothers are super excited that we're about to have the first ever special assembly day. They said they NEVER thought there'd be such an assembly here for Spanish. So all these brothers from Antigua, Anguilla, Barbados, and other islands are coming to support it this weekend.

The brothers here, instead of bringing their own food to the assembly, are welcoming the brothers by preparing this HUGE meal...kinda like the assemblies in the old days back home (without the danishes....)

Homer Simpson voice:  "aggghhhhhhhh, cheese Danishes"...

So, I'll do my best to catch everyone up. The camera I bought to take all my videos got damaged; it was supposed to be "waterproof", and the FIRST day I put it in the water, it does ok for a while, and then...

So I've got to take it to the post office this week to see if I can ship it back.

Anyway, I'll send another post soon to catch yall up.


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