Friday, September 28, 2012

Clearer Blessings

Ok, so the way Jehovah has been blessing us is slowly becoming clearer.

Remember what the 4 things that I asked Jehovah for were?

1) Not have trouble getting our temp residency cards

2) Find all 3 tickets for $1600 or less

3) Find a 2-bedroom place in a safe neighborhood

4) Rent our house before Sept

Well, as you know, renting our house and the tickets worked out fine (assuming you've heard "the story").

However, the 2 bedroom place and the temp residency parts just worked out a little more clearly this week.

1) We've been living with a family that has 2 bedrooms (one for us, and one for Jalyn)...however that hasn't been the provision that Jehovah had in store. We really haven't used that second room; someone has been staying in it. So we're praying to Jehovah like, "pleeeease help us find a place", because we've been living with ppl for too long (although we're grateful, it's time to have space, you know?)

EVERYWHERE we've been looking has been about $300-400US a month (in the hood).

So a sister comes over here a few days ago and says, "I spoke to a friend that has a house and she said that since yall are here to serve, she will allow you to stay in her connected apartment."

Ok, so I'm thinking, "hmmmm, sounds kinda good...I wonder if it's in the hood."

I'm really thinking this.

So I ask, "where is it?"

She tells me it's in Bird Rock (one of the nicest and safest neighborhoods on the island--where the doctors and important ppl, such as the police commisioner, live).

You see how the blessing is getting clearer?

Ok, so I want to know how many bedrooms it has, but without asking. So I say, "well yeah, whatever Jehovah provides will be fine. Actually, we're in one room and we share a bed with Jalyn, so we'll deal with whatever provision there is."

She says, "oh no...this is 2 bedroom. And it's fully furnished".

Now, in Bird Rock, you're gonna pay at least $600-800 a month, easy.

So I'm like, "ahhh, I wonder how much it's gonna be...because I know we can't afford it".

She says, "well the sister says that you can stay there for free...just take care of your utilities".


Jehovah is somethin' serious.

2) We ask Jehovah how we're gonna get around. A sister is trying to sell her car, and tells us that we can drive it until it gets sold. It's a 2001 Mitsubishi Galant.

3) We asked Jehovah again about the temp residency cards...I got them stamped today; it was approved for 2 years. It took 2 weeks. The coordinator of the congregation said that "for that to have been approved in 2 weeks is unprecedented. And not only was it fast, but you didn't have to pay; and that should have been A LOT of money."

So if we're here a year, we can come back, work if we need to, and freely come back should we choose to. We have until Sept 30, 2014.

So things are working say the least.

I wonder what'll happen if I ask Jehovah for some Jordans, free cable, and an Iphone 5?

For Kingdom interests, of course. :)


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