Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Few more photos from today--Nov 13

Cruise ship we saw while out in service. 

We see these everyday now. I'm wondering if Candace and I can finally get to go on a cruise, since now we don't have to travel to the departure port.

I mean, we're literally 5 minutes away from this cruise port!

So, we'll see.

Man on the street grilling lobster. 

Man, if I was homeless and weren't a servant of Jehovah, I would've jumped out the car and grabbed a few of these suckas off the grill and bailed.

I have the Bible Highlights on Amos this week, chapters 1-9.

I kept falling asleep while preparing the part, so I got up to make some tea. I put basil and tarragon in boiling water and mixed in cane sugar and natural honey. Got the basil and tarragon from a sister's garden.

I'm assuming the basil mixed with tarragon has some kinda benefit...

maybe as an aphrodisiac...

or a laxative

just drank it...kinda late to look it up now.

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