Sunday, November 11, 2012

Few photos I forgot to post

When we first got here...

My part of the deal...

Beautiful flower that I found out in service.

See how the edges have that groove??

So pretty. Ah!! And it smells like France...if France had a smell.

More bananas that a sister gave us.

The same sister gave us some Terragon herb to cook with. 

I have no idea what to do with this...any ideas? 

Email me. 

More basil from the same sister.

And rosemary

She also gave us some coconut dumplings

These are corn meal cakes that she gave us.
I simply heated the olive oil in the skillet to a light smoke and seared the mess outta them.

Gave em a nice golden crust.

My Lil Richie impression (SHUT UP!!)

Jalyn asked to "do my hair" while I was trying to study. 

This is the finished product. She seems proud.

I'm faking case you didn't notice.

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