Friday, November 30, 2012

When Satan throws you a lemon...

So we're driving the car on Sun (25th of Nov), and the car begins to run really hot. 

Candace is like, "something smells burnt".

So we pull up at the hall, because now it's getting scary, as we're hearing this really fast KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK noise. 

Almost as soon as we get the car in the lot, it shuts off, and won't crank back up. 

So I'm like, "give me a stinkin break man!!!!! First the water, now this??? This sister's gonna kill us!!".

So while the meeting is going on, I get out to push it into the shade with no results from that. I just pretty much got overheated and slipped in the dirt a lot because the car wouldn't move (yes, it was in neutral...after Candace realized she needed to take her foot off the brake, lol).

So we had a study at 11, and this is a person that we recently located, and has much interest. So we're like, so how are we gonna get to her?

That's how...

Satan thought he was slick, trying to give us a reason to miss Lucrecia's study... Uh, no sir.

I even got a chance to take a photo of the hall sign on the way.

So we did the study, came back to the hall, and David Torres and I looked at it. We realized that the radiator was leaking water somewhere, so there was pretty much ZERO water in it. 

So to drive, I'd have to fill it up, drive...repeat when I need to go somewhere else.

The next day, I take it to a mechanic, Hanley, who's studying. Turns out I need to fix the leak, replace the battery terminal, AND change the oil. Btw...there's less than 2 quarts of oil in the reservoir...

The car needed 5.  There were TWO. 

Hanley says, "how has it been going this long". 

In my head: "Jehovah". 

I think about Kevin & Lea Hay's white Toyota Camry that they drove back home. Man that thing ran on holy ain't gonna tell me it didn't.

So with everything that we have to fix, I immediately pray to Jehovah (actually I did that before I took it to Hanley), "Jehovah, you know our situation, and that we have nothing, please let us get this fixed because we really need this car".

So I'm thinking the job will cost at least $70/80...guess how much Hanley charges?



huh? wha? how? 

"Thanks Jehovah, you did it again." 

Cuz I didn't have enough money to even buy a pair of khakis...that's not a figure of speech btw...I really didn't.

So funny...I've been around the truth all my life, but it takes me coming to St. Kitts to really understand what Jesus meant when he said "STOP BEING ANXIOUS".


To know that Jehovah's got your back.

So when that loser Satan throws you a lemon...

Drink up!


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  1. Whenever we get your post, it confirms that much more that there is nothing to extraordinary for Jehovah(Gen 18:14)Thanks for sharing! jimmy j