Friday, March 22, 2013

Latest Photos (March 22nd)

Loved this view of the stratus clouds from our apt...

Yes...bad quality. I zoomed on the Iphone, but it became very very noisy (photographer's term for "grainy").

This was it during the daytime. We were out today (Mar 22--10:30am) doing a census-type work looking for hispanics to invite to the Memorial.

We're finally eating lobster!!!!!!!
We've got to be at David and Priscilla's house today at 630pm, because we gonna get our grub on.

Ahhh!!! We SOOO appreciate these kinda meals now.

Also, you know how back home, one lobster dinner would be $35 US?

Well here, David and I got ELEVEN lobsters for $51US.


That's $4.63 per lobster. Wow.

A few appetizers we had at David's house before eating. I feel poor...taking photos of this stuff. 


Nice wine from Italy that we had...really nice!

Jalyn...ready to eat dinner

Out of the 2 pugs that David and Priscilla have, "Chloe and Zoe", this is Zoe.

I recognize her by the white hair on her face.

Yes...I have nothing better to do.

Steak, 3 lobsters (2 on plate, went back for a third), & red mashed potatoes, smothered in a whisky mushroom sauce.  Mmmmmmmmm....(homer simpson voice)

 Begging for my food.

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  1. Yet another reason to check out Nicaragua? I don't even live by the ocean and I can buy 4 lobster tails for $9 or 2 full lobsters for $5. Cut that at least in half if you're buying directly at the sea.