Tuesday, March 12, 2013

The worker deserves his wages

So I'm in the store the other day with a liiiiittttle bit of money.
We need food, paper towels, soap, etc. Candace has been having a major case of STS (sweet tooth syndrome) also, but of course, we can't afford that stuff.

So after I get done getting the majority of the needed stuff, I have only a little money left (like $60EC or $22US), but that has to go in the gas tank.

So I'm like, "aggghhh, I can't even get any chicken".


So I didn't pray about it, cuz, I mean, who prays for chicken

Jehovah would probably look at Jesus like, "ok, so, you won't believe what he just prayed to me about..."

So that night at the meeting, a sister says, "I need to talk to you all".

So we get outside and she gives us 2 big bags...

What's inside?

Scroll down...

A writing tablet for Jalyn, which Candace had been looking for. The sister has no idea we need one of these, btw.

This was soooooo good on meat.

Oh, btw...

THREE bags of chicken. I didn't have enough money for one

Jehovah gave us 3.

The sis also made this juice that was soooooo good.

I was reading Luke 10:7 for my Bible reading the other day:

. 7 So stay in that house, eating and drinking the things they provide, for the worker is worthy of his wages

Know what this scripture means?

Here's what the Insight book under "Wages" says (so cool):

The hospitality and material assistance extended to those exclusively devoting themselves to the interests of pure worship may be referred to as wages due them, according to the principle: “The worker is worthy of his wages.” (Lu 10:7; 1Ti 5:17, 18) 

So when we pioneer, serve as C.O.s, needgreaters, missionaries, etc, Jehovah knows that we have sacrificed many things, if not all things, for the Kingdom. So although we honestly don't deserve anything, when nice things are done/give to a person who is serving Jehovah full time, Jehovah looks at those kind acts as "wages due".

Wow...Jehovah is amazing.

Working for Jehovah is the most liberating thing that can ever be done. 

Oh, btw...want to know where we're thinking of serving next? 

Hint: April Watchtower (study edition)

The need there is RIDICULOUS.

It's still in the air, but we're about 90% sure as of right now.

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  1. Really nice. Jehovah is always watching and knows just what we need at the right time. Keep up the good work!

    A Missionary's Life