Tuesday, March 12, 2013

New Photos

You've heard of Noni juice, right?

Well, here's the fruit. 
A sister named Avril pulled one off of a tree the other day in service.

I'm really wondering if I can bring summa this stuff back and plant it. 

Wonder if the weather will kill it.

Went out in service and walked in this lady's backyard to grab some.

I eat the seeds too.

Where some ppl play soccer. Mountain in background is waaaay bigger than in this photo.

Right before we walked into Gloria's house across the street.

Love these colors.

At Gloria's house about to study. Playing with Ester.

Wonder if Jalyn will remember this stuff.

Trying to "gourmet up" our oatmeal breakfast.

Milk, fresh mango (like, directly from the tree), and peanut butter.

Hey, it works when you're hungry.

Jalyn being an old lady.

I have officially started calling her "Cora Lee" when she starts acting old.

I made breakfast!

Man, you can get so inventive with the stuff you have in your fridge.

Wanna buy some pizza?
(you'd divide this by 2.7 to get the US dollar price)

Oso and Baby
(at the meeting)

Rev. Woody Wright
(according to Jalyn)

Jalyn posing for photo at zone visit

Jalyn's hair is growing
(4 years old)

Beautiful view that we have when we get out of the car

How we get to our apt...walk down the side close to the gate, and we're there!

This is the gate the monkeys are always running up. 

Our view at night 

(when we get back from Thurs meeting)

This is one of the craziest signs I've ever seen.

Close up

At Carmen + Enrique's house. Enrique is in blue shirt. This is where we stayed when we first arrived on island. Felt strange and reminiscent when we went back over.

Mylene is the one with the blue cup...who knows what in it. She's one of the special pioneers; her husband, Irving is across from her (can't see him).


  1. I'm so excited oso baby is along for the ride. How cute!

    1. Yeah, I know...

      She's finally realized they're not real. :(

      So now we gotta make somethin' else up...