Thursday, October 11, 2012

A few photos

Breakfast (Slice of bread and hot chocolate)

The first day I handed Jalyn this she looked at me like, "seriously?? have you lost yo mind, man???" But she adjusted.

Brothers from Puerto Rico 

Every Friday a cruise ship comes in. Well I was walking through a populated area, and the brother in the yellow shirt saw my tracts in my shirt pocket and immediately stopped us. He realized we were brothers and we were all just hugging, taking photos, writing numbers down, etc.

People were looking at us like, "ok, this is strange...yall just met".

Where else but in Jehovah's organization family?

Please ignore Jalyn's "I'm tired of being in service" face...

Translating with Irving (coordinator)

Candace translating with Mylene (Irving's wife)

Oatmeal...Caribbean style
(oatmeal [duh], dates, honey, peanut butter, and milk)

Hey, you appreciate it when you're walking all day, and as the brothers say here, "you Americans can't stop for your McDonald's coffee break".

Dinner I made...
(Shell pasta, tomatoes, spinach, cheese, and eggs from a chicken that had just laid them)

Look it up...that's all I'll say. If there's a fruit that can be crowned, "the best-tasting fruit on earth"...

Here it is. 

It also is claimed to have cancer-fighting properties; I looked it up. 

I can't tell you what shakes taste like when you make it with this. A sister gave us this tonight at the meeting (Oct 11).

It's heavy and bigger than Jalyn's head.

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