Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Say what, brother?

Even after last week's craziness, we now have the circuit assembly this week, so last night we had the Congregation Bible Study which was attended by English and Spanish.

There was a Branch Committee member that came from Barbados and gave the special talk last night and the hall was packed; of course, we got to meet him afterwards. We'll be having dinner with him and his wife in a few days.

I don't think we've ever gotten to meet a Branch Committee member back home, let alone privately eat with them...funny.

So after the meeting, the coordinator comes up to Candace and me and says, "there'll be a meeting in 5 minutes regarding those that will be translating for the Circuit assembly this weekend"...

Me in my Whitehaven voice (in my head): "say what bruh?"

For one, we were told that that was already assigned, especially since we just got here. So, we're like, "ok, cool, we'll just chill out"..

un uh.

He reads from page 55 in the "be" book about not translating WORDS but thoughts.

Here's the problem do you translate English to Spanish when you don't even understand the ppl's English???????????

Think of translating Lazaro Toledo's spanish (Cuban)...for those that know Lazaro.

He says, "you will be at the mercy of the speaker, since he will not pause for you, and there will be brothers from different countries whose English is different".

1) We do not get to rehearse with the brother beforehand.
3) Candace has to translate 8 Circuit Assembly parts
4) I have to translate 8


You should have seen Candace's face when the brother said this stuff. I thought she was gonna walk out the room.

English will be in main auditorium, we'll be in back school. The translators will be facing each other with headphones on and mikes in front of us.

One will translate the talk itself; the other will translate the scriptures.

When one translator gets stuck on a word, we look at each other, and the other translator can pick up.


So LOTS of prayer, lots of listening hard, and maybe a little bit of throwing up.

Pray for us to do well!!!!

Or I could just make some stuff up...I might just give one of my talks...

jk  :)

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