Wednesday, October 17, 2012

So a funny thing happened the other day...

Well, it wasn't really funny when it happened.


So this sister lets us use her car, right?

Well the other day was day 3 of the storm. It's still raining crazy hard, and we're running out of food, trapped in the apt because of the roads.

Well I say to Candace, "hey throw on some clothes, and let's go to the grocery store".

So we try to drive to the grocery store, and the road is flooded by the Kingdom Hall (like a mile away from the store).

Candace says, "don't..."

"don't try it..."

So I back up, but we're in the middle of the road, so I go into the water a bit with the plan of "turning around".

The water is deep

Ok, now it's REALLY DEEP.

The car

Candace and I are panicking, hyper-ventilating...

Jalyn says, "are we sinking????"


"Jehovah please get us outta this...I just wanted a beer".

Ok I didn't say the beer part.

Then the water begins to get into the car...this is where Candace REALLLLLLY starts to freak.

Me too...I can't lie.

So we have to get out... I'm honking the horn like crazy...the horn dies.

One guy drives by...

Me: "Ok great, we're saved..."

He takes out his camera phone, takes a photo of the car sinking, and drives off...

For real dude????????????

We have to get out, because now the water is getting high. I open the door and the water RUSHES IN.

I lift Jalyn and take her to a random person's carport (the water is up my thigh, and it's raining H.A.R.D.) ; I then go back to get Candace, lift her, and take her to Jalyn.

Jalyn is losing it, so I'm screaming for help for someone to help me push the car out of water.

All we're thinking is, "this sister's gonna kill us".

So a guy comes, helps me push it. We get buckets, get all the water out, and a mechanic brother comes and helps us (miraculously) get the car started again.

The inside of the car was SOAKED. So it's been 2 days now that I've been drying it out, pulling the carpet up, and getting all the water out with a WetVac.

When we told the sister, she wasn't mad actually. She was glad that we were ok, and that the car was again running.

So now that everything is back to normal (other than our nerves), we can laugh about it.

Oh, btw, there was a grocery store like a mile away from our apt...that we didn't know about.

So we could have completely avoided the water by about 2 miles...

(imagine my Fred Sanford "you big dummy" face)

Wanna see what the car looked like??  Scroll down

Oh, and here's a video of more cars trying to go through (same video as the one that I added to the prior post "New Videos!!"). 

Another truck got stuck right after me (a man and what appeared to be his wife). 

He was in a suit. I asked him if he'd like me to help him push; he looks at me like, "PUSH???"

They just sat there like, "we ain't getting out this truck"...

So that was that on that.

Lesson: If you can't tell how deep the water is...don't drive through

If you do, as I did, your wife will make you feel like this (scroll down) ...

Fortunately, Candace was nice.

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