Monday, October 8, 2012

Circuit Assembly Translation

So this was the hardest part of the whole assembly...the translation.

Candace and I translated about 8-10 parts each (I did Bible highlights, bible reading, baptism, needs of circuit, and some of the other big ones). Candace seems like she almost did more talks than me.

But I think it was the same amount, just different types of talks for the brothers.

As you'll see in the videos, we had to put on earphones, and translate for a speaker, who's English we didn't even fully understand!!!!!

There is no break, no pausing, no "hey, can you say that again?"

He begins to speak, you begin to speak.

It was TOUGH.

It was especially tough, but rewarding, translating the prayers of another person. That was cool.

In order to get the full effect, you couldn't just "translate"...that would make it SOOOO boring for the rest of the audience.

They needed to feel what the English audience felt...motivation, fire. So when you translate, you have to:

1) Understand the speaker
2) Translate it (obviously)
3) Do it in a way that evokes feeling (the same feeling that the speaker is conveying)

Now if you were the one reading the scriptures, you had to:

1) Listen HARD for scripture
2) Make sure that the brother/sister translating the talk isn't incorrectly saying anything (ex: wrong scripture, wrong thought, etc), if so, you had to correct them in your microphone right away for all the audience to hear.

So if the English brother's talk was so good and you're all into it, the other brother translating the talk could be talking about Sunday Night Football, and you'd have no clue to correct him.

So there was a point where you had to "zone out" and just do it.

You'll see the videos on Youtube.

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  1. I bet that was quite a task, but Jehovah's spirit probably helped you guys through it.