Wednesday, October 31, 2012

A few photos

So here are a few photos that I've been meaning to send.

When we go out in service, we do English on Tuesdays. Well one of my "part time" students is John, who is a rasta. A rasta is basically someone with dreds who doesn't eat meat; the more modern rastas do eat meat, but the old school ones don't.

Anyway, John is a seemingly very progressive and fired-up student from Bermuda (again, think Australian accent) who studies with his wife, Tamara.

I went with David on his study yesterday evening (530pm) and I took a photo with him before the study.

Scroll down.

So this is John with his hair bundled up.

and this...

Is with it out...

( touches the ground)

You should see his hair all out on the floor when he's seated at the Kingdom Hall. If you're sitting behind him, and you have to get up, just make sure you step over his hair.

He's been growing it since 1970 something...

More photos...

Ever wondered what a group of donkeys smell like?

there ya go...just read the face

Jalyn embarrassing us during the circuit day assembly eating Jell-o.

Actin' like we ain't taught her NUTHIN!

I know ppl were thinkin, "that child ain't got no home trainin"...

I gave up a long time ago. She's in Jehovah's hands now.

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