Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Photos from the past few days

Hey, guys. 

Haven't been able to post anything in a few days; just been feeling hot...and lazy.

I took a few Iphone photos over the weekend of things that brothers and Bible students have given us for food, funny stuff that's happened, and just...stuff.

Can't wait to get on a sailboat.

So I go to buy a beer the other day, and I get to the counter with my id out (from TN). The cashier looks at me and says, "how old are you?" Im like, "26". He says..."ok", puts the beers in the bag, and out I walk without showing anything.

I'm like, "huh"?

Sunday when I went to get one, they didn't even ask that! This is crazy.

Some brothers brought us a hole bunch of bananas. This thing weighed at least 60+ lbs...No JOKE

Some brothers have a chicken. So they gave us freshly hatched eggs. 
See why I been chasin chickens???

Bible student (English) gave us everything you see starting from the coconuts down. She gave it to us today (Oct 23rd 1pm)

What's in the bag are grated coconut.

Lemongrass (smells SOOO good)

Soursop leaves (used to make tea to induce sleep + fights cancer)

Sleep-inducing, huh? 

"Oh, Jaaaalyyynnn!!!...taste this sweetie"...

Sister gave us some pasta and basil (from her tree)

Another sister gave me the wine today (NO i didn't drink that much in one day!)

It was a third left, but hey! 

It was free.

Green Pepper and some mint sprigs. 

David and Priscilla said they want the mint; we're gonna make mojitos tonight! 


Thyme (I've never seen it that color!!)

So Jehovah's definitely taking good care of us. I guess he figured we've had enough of oatmeal.

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