Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Well...that went well.

So we're out in service today (it was very hot today, no joke), and Candace and I are working with the brother that has the apt I was telling you all about (Troy).

We come to a door, and it's now my turn. The man, who looks about 60 years old or so, comes to the door already looking indifferent. The brothers tell us afterwards that he always loudly tells ppl, "don't study or talk to those Witnesses!!!!"

I tell him who we are, and I show him pg 16 in the Oct Watchtower on Corruption, "Can you live forever".

He very arrogantly says, "I'm an Evangelical pastor, and I've been doing this for 20+ years, and I already know this information...I'm sure I know it better than you (he's talking to me)".

So immediately, we all know how this day's gonna go.

Me: "Well that's great. You know, we actually look for ppl in the ministry like yourself that have an interest in spiritual things. It would be great if more ppl were interested in the Bible like you. However, you mentioned how much experience you have and how you know a lot already. That's good, but notice what Prov 1:5 says here."

For a sec, he was quiet, and he listened!

I ask, "regardless of our religion, do you think we'd all like to see the end to suffering and death?"

So he says something arrogant, I pull something outta my head from the Reasoning book, another scripture here, but he's still going back and forth between yelling and flapping his hands, and just having that "look" on his face.

I took from the Reasoning book something that's under "I'm not interested in Jehovah's Witnesses"(pg 18, last point)...

I said, "sir, may I ask what is it about JWs that you don't like?"

He says, 1) One of the ppl from your organization said that you all don't believe that Jesus is our Savior.

I say, "Sir, IF someone who claimed to be one of Jehovah's Witnesses told you that, they're NOT one of Jehovah's Witnesses." I then directed him to jw.org if he wanted to know more, because he said he's read "a lot of pamphlets about Jehovah's Witnesses".

2) You all only allow certain ones to eat during the Lord's Evening Meal (Memorial). We're all God's children, and if they're saved, they have the right to eat!

I say, "anything else"?

3) You allow your ppl to sell and drink beer and wine

4) You won't come to our church but always ask us to come to yours

So we would begin to answer one (we weren't going to address all of those), but he'd cut us off and just  really get loud, talking about how we're misleading ppl.

So I look and Candace and mouth "let's go". It didn't matter how good the illustration was, how direct the scripture was, he continued to yell.

He now thinks he's going to teach us something and yells, "you ppl can talk all day, but what does John 6:44 say?? Unless God draws you, you can't come to him!!"

I'm looking like, "huh"?

Do you know you're unknowingly agreeing with me?

So I say clearly, "Sir, you yourself said it."

Later, Candace said, "If my dad had heard that, awwww, he would've been no more good..."

I thought of Prov 26:7

This is what the Insight book says about that scripture:

The Proverbs continue with a like illustration: “Have the legs of the lame one drawn up water? Then there is a proverb in the mouth of stupid people.” (Pr 26:7) In ancient times, especially in cities built upon mounds, it was often necessary to climb down a ladder or a long stairway to bring water up from a well. A stupid person trying to speak or apply a proverb is as clumsy and ineffective as a lame man trying to carry water up a stairway.

There were points when, as we were talking, it would seem that he was being friendly because of him laughing, but hmmm...maybe he was laughing at us. Anyway...

So as we're leaving, the funniest part comes...

Troy, who's from Bermuda (think of an Australian accent), says to the pastor,

"You know, regardless of our religion and differences, at least we can all agree on one thing...God's name. Do you know God's name?"

Pastor (arrogantly): "Of course I know God's name!!"

Troy: "And what's that?"

Pastor: "God"

(gimmie a sec)


I thanked him for his time, and walked away.

Matthew 11:25 anyone???

If you are privileged to understand the truth...very privileged you are.

Very privileged you are.

It is NOT a right...it is a gift for the humble.

A gift for "babes".

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