Saturday, October 13, 2012

New photos

Last night's "dinner"

So here's the "shake in a bowl" that Jalyn and I made.
It's made of Soursop, banana, dates, mango, and ice...mmmmmmmmmmmmm

Oh, and that's a pan toasted pb&j sandwich on the side. :) :)

Golden Apples
These are sweet apples. You have to first peel the skin, then carefully eat it, because the seed is sharp, as you'll see next.

These were growing on a student's tree, and she gave them to Candace.

Golden Apple seed 
Yeah, these are sharp...

No explanation...

Lunch today after service

The big rice portion is what they call "Cookup" (rice and chicken...oh yeah, they eat the bones too. Reminds me of Claudette Anderson in Nashville), the white cakes at the top left-hand corner of the plate are coconut dumplings, few pieces of fish below the dumplings; there are also 2 boiled green bananas right below the yellow part of the fork. 

The yellow bread-looking thing below the bananas is a corn meal cake (good), and then there are just mixed veggies below the corn meal cake (they pronounce them "vege-tables". Like the way we pronounce "table"...

vege    tables

Sounds so funny

Then there was Mauby

This is made by boiling the bark of a tree, add spices, then dilute it. 

But careful!! Too strong, and it can get you drunk (according to the sister)!
So they did this one didn't taste any alcohol, actually. It just tasted like a really good ginger ale...with a little kick.


Jalyn with her new toy monkey that squeals "oohooh aaaaaahhh aahhhhhhh" when she presses it. I promise I'm gonna flush this thing down the toilet, or put it in the blender.

She's been pressing that thing a million times since we got home. 

We asked her what she wanted to name it...she said "Russell". 

We're like..."oook".

She said its last name is "Tire la pelota".

There's a Dora the Explorer song named "tire la pelota ("throw the ball" in Spanish)".

Move ova Boots!!

There's a monkey on St. Kitts named "Russell Tire la Pelota...Wright"

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